This Girl is 6 Months Pregnant and Netizen Slammed Her Saying She is Faking Her Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant you can notice a lot of changes with her body especially with her tummy as the baby is starting to grow in her stomach.

However, 18-year-old Reanna Stephens from South Carolina claims that she is 6 months pregnant, she uploaded several photos of her on social media but netizens don’t believe her because she has a flat belly for a 6 months pregnant woman.

But Reanna stays firm and says that she is really pregnant. “I have compared my bump over my pregnancy to people on different pages on Facebook, and it’s not as big as other people’s.”

Reanna was forced to speak out after strangers on the internet leaving cruel comments of social media regarding her pregnancy saying she must be starving herself and people asking her if the baby is healthy? “People really affect me with their comments, I try to stay calm as I know both me and my baby are healthy,” she says.

“I have also been told that I shouldn’t be having a baby if I can’t feed myself, but people know nothing about my diet or lifestyle.” Kathleen added.

Reanna is practicing a healthy vegan diet and she said that she has been always active with her lifestyle which she feels the reason why she has a small baby bump.

She have done mixed martial arts for six years including kickboxing, boxing, circuit training, jujitsu, weight training, yoga and cardio. But Reanna said that since she is pregnant she only does yoga and cardio now.

“I also consume vegan diet, so I don’t have any animal products and avoid unhealthy foods such as frizzy drink, sweets and junk food.

Source: Viral4real