Chinese Mom Ties and Drags Her Son With A Scooter Saying She Wanted To ‘Teach Him a Lesson’


There are various ways to discipline your children to ensure that they grow much into a fine adult. But we are sure that tying them in the scooter and dragging them is not the right thing to discipline your kids, and being a parent doesn’t give you right to do it.

A mother from China tied her son behind a scooter and dragged him on the street of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province and she said that she only teaching her son a lesson that he could remember, she doesn’t even listen to one onlooker that tried to stop her.

The boy was wailing and crying while he was being dragged along with a scooter, while her mother was seen pushing it. She even said that she was doing it to her son for days already.

According to the mother, her son stole 2,000 (£224) from their family savings and her son would not tell them where did he spent the cash on.

Source: Viral4real