Jealous Husband Chops Off Wife’s Hands Because She of The Text She Received

Jealousy is a normal thing to any kind of relationships, some may find it protective because their partners doesn’t want them to get involve with other people. But, over jealousy is an overboard reaction that could end up in a very violent actions.

Margarita Grachyova a 25-year-old mother of two said it all started when she introduce divorce into their relationship following a previous threat from her 26-year-old husband named Dmitry which is by the way a trained psychologist.

However, Dmitry saw text messages from his wife phone, it is from Margarita’s colleague and that triggered his anger. Reports says, Dmitry is aware of Margarita’s affair and dating a male colleague from work.

He confesses his crimes to the police and admitted that he did the crime by attacking his wife with an ace after dropping the kids to nursery school. But when asked if he regrets his action, Dmitry said: “Yes I do. Stupid thing is a soft way to say it.”

He drives Margarita into a forest and attacked her using an ax but before doing the planned crime, Dmitry texted his mother and sister saying: “Please excuse me. I can’t live like this any longer when I am cheated.”

Police reports says, Dmitry crushed his wife’s fingers using an ax and cut her on the hip as well before cutting both of her hands off.

Photo below may be disturbing to some readers.

Dmitry drove her to the hospital where doctors give her medical attention that she needs and sewed back her hands on but experts are uncertain if she could use it normally again.

Dmitry is now in prison after he surrendered from the crime and set to face 15 years in prison for punishment.

Source: Urdailyjournal