Pointing Electric Fan Directly At You When you Sleep Is Actually Dangerous – Thai Man Dies of Hypothermia Because of This

The temperature in Thailand can be warm and can be quite irritating when you are trying to sleep. So what Sobthawee Boonkua did to make sure he can sleep well, he set three electricfans pointed at his bed.

Little did he know that it will be the last time he was going to close his eyes.

Image by Asiaone

He was 44-year-old form Tambon Nai Muang in the province of Chaiyaphum in Thailand. He was actually there to take care for his 86-year-old mother and decided that he will stay there for a night, the room that he stayed in was actually not ventilated well.

Chaiyaphum has a actually a temperature that could drastically drop at night and early in the morning and Boonkua don’t have any idea about that, and his body had a hard time adjusting to that sudden change of temperature.

His cold body was found by a relative and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. But it was too late and medical examiner concluded that he died from hypothermia.

Source: Viral4real