He Swam the Most Dangerous River that is Full of Piranhas – Must Read

You might already know the man who dominated the Olympic swimming pools-Michael Phelps from United States. But, have you ever met the guy who swim a river with piranhas on Amazon?

Martin Strel is the guy! He is 62-years-old and 5’11 tall Slovenian swimmer. He is a Guinness world record holder.

He swim the Mississippi river in 68 days, 58 days in Danube river, 51 days in Yangtze and in Amazon river within 66 days. Until today, no one has ever beaten his record and the only person who swam the whole length of the Amazon river, which by the way one of the most dangerous rivers in the world because it has piranhas.

Throughout his swimming career, with those world-breaking records also comes with medical conditions and physical injuries such as being attacked by a piranhas in Amazon and also a liver damage from Yangtze because of water pollution.

According to Strel, he will not quit swimming despite of his age and injuries. He also added that, “My life is very connected with water.”

Watch his swimming journey here:

Source: Elite Readers