Enchanted River in The Philippines Are not Allowing People to Swim Every 12 Noon, Here’s Why!

The Philippines is know for it’s welcoming people and beautiful destination. But did you know that in Surigao del sur, Philippines, people are not welcome to swim every 12 noon by this Enchanted river?

Hinantuan River can be found in Barangay Talisay. It gets a lot of attention for it’s depth, and the river flows towards the Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Diplomat Modesto Farolan referred the river as “enchanted” in one of his poem entitled Rio Encantado.

The river was discovered by a man named Alex Santos in 1999. After 11 years of it’s dicovery, a group of divers lead by Dr. Alfonso Amores in February 2010 discovered it’s depth and it’s hidden underground cave opening that’s about 20 meters deep.

But the exploration on the cave was already prohibited when Dr. Amores suffered a cardiac arrest last June 17, 2014 when he failed to get out of the narrow entrance of the underwater cave.

Because of the extraordinary color of the Hinantuan River and also the unexplored depth. Locals makes assumption or urban legends and myths regarding the enchanting beauty of the river.

Some villagers said that fairies are the one who are behind of the mesmerizing colours of the river, while some says that “engkantos” are living on that said place that is why it is so magical, and others could feel it too.

But every 12 noon, the river is closed to the public. Not because of some rituals they are going to do, but because this is when they feed the thousand of fish that majestically come out of the water and have some food.

They play the Hymn of Hinatuan to caught the attention of the fishes on the river.

Source: The News Journal Ph