She Ate This Just Once and It Ended Her to be in the Hospital

Street foods are everyone’s comfort food, it’s delicious and cheap. When you are just a simple person, eating street foods would make you extra happy for the day, without worrying about money in your pocket.

There are various and numerous kinds of street food, like the famous fishball, kwek-kwek, betamax, isaw and a lot more.

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However, maybe you would like to refrain from eating this kind of food. Wondering where the word “street” food came from?

Well, in different countries it comes with different meanings. For some, it is called “street” food because you can find it from the sidewalks of the streets and displayed on food-carts. Unlikely, in the Philippines, people give a whole lot of different meaning.

Henschel Ann Quinto shared her horrific story about eating street food and posted it in the internet.

For a couple of days now, she only consume fruits like bananas, apples, and drinking a lot of water or Pocari Sweat that would help to hydrate her.

Like anybody, she is fond of eating and trying new stuff of street food. And one time, she ate one but never specified if what kind of street food she just ate. The following night, she has upset stomach and her stool was watery and also contains blood. And the next thing happened, her symptoms and condition worsen.

She then suffered fever and diarrhea, that lead her to be admitted in a hospital. After tests, doctor diagnosed her with Amoebiasis. Her doctor cited that her stomach became a dump for 3 kinds of parasites, the Entamoeba Ocoli Cyst, Trichomonas Hominis Trophozite and Entamoeba Histolytica Cyst.

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Entamoeba histolytica cyst is the most scariest of the three and also the main reason of her condition. This is the kind of parasite that gets inside your body through contaminated fluids and something you should not ignore.

Once you found out, that it gets indie your body. It should be monitored because this one never leaves.

Source: TNP