You Will Not Believe What This Arab Employer Did To Her Filipina Domestic Helper

Filipinos are all around the world working or what we called OFW’s. They sacrificed a lot of things just to work abroad and earn money that they always make sure to send it straight to the Philippines.

In that case, they have a less amount of money left in their pockets and throwing their own birthday party is their last priority.

Also, a nice and thoughtful employer is rare to find, someone who will celebrate your birthday whatever status between the two of you.

However, what happened to this OFW proves that their are nice people out there who look after your feelings and your hardship everyday that remembers the most important thing in your life that only happened once a year.

A video goes viral after this Arab employer celebrate her Filipina domestic helper’s birthday and throw a party for her. The Filipina got very emotional in the video.

What happened was, she was shocked and surprised at the same time, when all of her employers sing “Happy Birthday” together when she entered the room. There we’re even cakes and candles for her to blow. This is just a simple act of kindness and they thought they are just being generous but for the Filipina, they really touched her heart by doing this.

Netizens are also gathered in social media and express appreciation towards the Arab employers, who crossed cultural borders just to make someone smile.

“Sana lahat mga amo ng ating mga kababayan ay ganyan ang tunay na ugali,” one netizen wrote this comment. Another one added that, “Sana rin tumigil na yung mga mapang abusong amo sa panghahamak sa mga kawawang domestic helper na desperado lang magkatrabaho at makapagbigay ng pangangailangan ng pamilya nila sa Pinas.”

Source: TNP