He Cancels Their Wedding After Seeing His Bride-to-be Doing Wild Stuff in a Bachelor Party

Most people celebrate Bachelorette party as a proper send-off to the groom before she gets married and be tied forever. This can be considered wild and fun night with your friends.

Supposedly, this is just for fun. However, the bride went too far that he lost his groom because on what she does on her bachelorette party.

A video was taken on the event and was unfortunately sent to his groom, after seeing her bride-to-be getting banged by a male stripper in the party. He immediately cancel their wedding. And was said, that the video was hacked.

It was uploaded by a Facebook user named Carmelo Delva, and instantly goes viral on the internet.

It can also be seen in the video that a crowd of friends by the bride-to-be doesn’t even bother to try and stop her, instead they keep cheering for her all the way and seem that they are enjoying the show. Until it becomes more lewd when the male stripper come in the end.

If you are on the same shoe with the groom, would you do the same thing and cancel of your big day or you just let it go and forgive your fiance?

Source: Elite Readers