50-Foot Bungee Jumping On The Bridge Goes Terribly Wrong

People are now adventurous and willing to try extreme sports and activities which they have seen in the internet. However, the results are not we all think when we try something out or it just doesn’t go the way you planned.

Courage is the only thing you need in trying bungee jumps, and maybe this is what this woman had when he tried it on the La Negra Bridge in Bolivia.

Unfortunately, the woman in the photo trusted an adventure tours company Andean Trek to arrange her bungee jumping session. The said tours are doing this for years now.

In the video, one of the members of the Andean Trek Team give her some final tips and advice before she jumps off the bridge. It is also seen that she is completely geared and equipped. The sad thing, is that she thought she will be safe with all the ropes that tied on her, but her experience goes horribly wrong.

The woman was smiling all the time before she did the jump. Finally, she jumps and it all surprised all the onlookers that she flopped in the riverbed.

Good thing was she was not badly hurt, but we are sure that it will forever traumatized her.

Later, they found out that the rope used on her failed despite of all the safety check ups before anyone do the jump.

Oscar Sandoval director of Andean Trek was quoted saying “It was a human mistake. Somebody did something wrong. We are checking the videos in order to know who or what released the brake of the rope. It is the first time something like this has happened to us. We have a lot of years of experience.” reported by Nick Enoch in a Mail Online report.

Source: Elite Readers