She Never Seen Again After She Went Out With Her Friend At The Mall

A girl named Angelica “Angie” Llanes, 18 year-old from Hulo, Mandaluyong has not been yet found. She was last seen last June 12 after she and her friend went to SM Megamal


l to but a cellphone and school supplies.

According to her friend, Angie ride a jeepney home and that was the last time she seen her.

Michelle Largabo was the one who posted this on Facebook. And according to her, Angie even text her older sister at 9pm saying that she was already on her way home. Unfortunately, she never got home that night.

Angie’s mother Cecil Bambi, miss her and even said that she is crying non-stop. That’s why everyone in the social media gathered around and the post about Angie is slowly going viral, this is the way how netizen help the family to speed up the process of looking for Angelica.


And as of now, the post is still circulating in social media and there has not been yet updates about the whereabouts of this young lady.

However, netizen have some speculations about what happened to her some are horrifying comments but others say that Angie look young and beautiful, that she might go and run away with her boyfriend or what we called “Tanan.”


If it happened that you have seen her anywhere or if you see someone that looked like her. Don’t hesitate to contact the family. This is our extend of help for the family Llanes.

This story could be also a warning that everyone should be careful at all times. People around you are not always nice.

Source: TNP