Bridesmaid Was Sexually Assaulted By The Groom’s Best Men Caught on Video

A viral video in China got these two chinese men arrested. They sexually assaulted the bridesmaid in the car and even took a video of their actions.

The two suspects we’re sitting at the back of the car, laughing and molesting the young poor woman. She tried to escape and fight off the two men while they attempted to grab her breast and tried to forcefully remove her underwear.


Photo above showed that the girl was keeping her head down to avoid her face to be taken in the video, while the two men are really into molesting her.


Unfortunately, this is something common trend in China. Younger generation thinks that it is fine to do such inappropriate pranks to their couple of friends. Frequent case of pranks like this would let other kids to do and feature verbal and sexual assault.

The video became the most widely-shared video in the Chinese socail media site Weibo last week.

People’s Daily Online said that the incident happened last June 3 in Chang’an district of Xi’an, in Shaanxi province. The video then was uploaded after 5 days.

2 days after the video was uploaded, the two chinese men was arrested on June 10. They we’re identified as Hu, the 21-year-old best man and Chen the 19-year-old groomsman.

However, the bridesmaid or the women in the video has decided not to press charges against them. The woman was actually friends with them, according to the reports by China Business News.

Solicitor Gao jin told the Huashang Business Post that both of the suspects could still be charged with the aggravated indecent assault. Lawyers said that the two men could be jailed for 5 years because of what they called “the wedding prank.”

The suspects we’re still detained and interrogated by the authorities.

Chinese netizens we’re shocked and also feel disgusted with the two men on the video and said that, what they did to her was inexcusable. Chinese netizens also added,
“This is not a prank for a wedding. This is a serious crime!”

They did not also forget the one who took the video, “The one who took the film is also an accomplice. Does he think he could get away with it?”

Watch the video below:
WARNING: the following video contain scenes that may inapproriate for younger views. Viewer discretion is strongly advised:

Source: TNP